Family Bike, part 2: NEW BIKE!

I’m finally getting a family & cargo bike. I mean, I’ve had one for a while. Any bike can be a cargo bike, as they say! Just add a bungee… but I have been trying to dial this in for ten yeeears. (see Part 1…)

Here’s some variations I’ve tried:
Bike/backpack/rack (…+seat)
+ Trailer
+ Trail-a-bike
Electric bike/rack
+ Trail-a-bike
Folding bike (…+seat)
+ Trailer

But I’m finally getting a bike meant for these things. All of them. At once.

I have a one-year-old, a ten-year-old, a partner that rides, a commute, and everyone has a powerful need to eat – so it needs to hold groceries, too.

Okay, it’s not the ultimate family & cargo bike… such as a bucket bike you can just throw anything in, or the full-size EdgeRunner with a bit more room to grow, but this is perfect for me. For what I need, and for my budget.

I’m getting a Bike Friday Haul-a-Day. Red.

Just look at it!

Basically, it’s a small-wheeled, long-wheelbase cargo bike, set up to carry a kid and anything else we might need. It has 20″ wheels, and an ingenious telescoping frame, which will allow both Aimee and I to ride it, and allows it to fit on a bus rack. They’re locally made in Eugene, OR and are fantastic little bikes.

I am stoked! And so is this guy:

O has already got the hang of the oh-shit handle– er, the U-tube

Already went to the park!

And I’m getting a few more things to make life easier: Lots of storage & carrying options (a nice front basket & front pannier holders, really great bags). Dynamo lights that don’t need charging, (and a usb outlet to charge my phone – ABC: Always Be Charging). This is Seattle, so fenders. Of course, fenders.
(Aside: when I started riding year-round in Seattle I had no fenders. How?!? I actually had full raingear before I had fenders… I’d recommend the other way around.)

I’m getting about $3000+ worth of bike, here. To do this, I’m applying for financing, which actually makes it easier to spend a bit more on what I really want. I’ve never bought a car, but this is actually wayyy better. I’ll pay it off in a year, be improving my credit, and I won’t be stuck with a dang car in the end!

But I’m also stopping short of the electric-assist route. I’m pretty sure I’ll want that later, after the kid eats for a few more years and I get that much lazier. For now: gears. Lots of gears. 24 should suffice. I’ve been riding a 7-speed folding bike, so that should be plenty.

Well, time to get in gear for toddler preschool and some car-free Costco runs. See you out there!

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