A White Guy Confronts His Bernie vs. Black Lives Matter Guilt

I must admit, when I heard Black Lives Matter Protestors interrupted Bernie Sanders, I was upset.

I mean, this was right after the GOP’s Predominately Awful Guys Debate. Couldn’t they pick on someone else?

…and, after all, isn’t Bernie our Great White Hope?

He’s one of the leftiest, most populist Senators, and he definitely connects with Seattle, especially in light of our progressive Socialist leanings.

For people who disagree with any of a growing number of Hillary’s views, Bernie Sanders sounds, just… so good.

So why would these young Black Lives Matters Protestors have beef? How could they possibly not see eye-to-eye with this old, white… Oh.

Turns out young, black, women may not feel represented by even the most progressive old, white, guy. And who can blame them? Take a look at the racial makeup of the Senate. Go ahead, here’s a fact page for you: “Ethnic Diversity in the Senate.”

It actually looks pretty good: 9 African Americans, 6 Asian, 8 Hispanic, even 3 Native Senators. Out of 100, that’s… wait, those stats are for…ever?

Yes, Senate “Diversity” is so bad they literally list every diverse person ever. And since there are 100 Senators, even I can give you the exact current makeup off the top of my head:

0% Native, 1% Asian, 3% Hispanic, 3% African American.

I’ll even calculate the elephant in the room:
…93% White.

To put this in perspective, even the GOP Debate had a 30% diversity rate, over 4X that of the Senate.

Yep, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to bring attention of our grievances to these elite, (predominately) white guys.

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