On Depression

I’m depressed.

Well, not now. I’m doing *quite* well at the moment, but I haven’t always been. I’m a quiet depressive… & an optimistically loud manic. You may have never known! & I’ve never talked to a Doctor about it, (but I am talking to you!) I’m not good at asking for help, but I’ll do my damnedest to… and this IS a step. We all need help sometimes, & while I’m good at giving it, I am asking for yours now. Not always for me, of course. I’m not really worried about me, & I don’t want anyone to be. You’re all too important. Please take care of each other, and look for those who might need it. And if I disappear into a hole, I’d love for you to pester me! Okay, that’s better!


Now with more Benatar!:

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