Spriiing Breaaak with Jack!

Okay, now that I’ve cooled down from yesterday, here are some of our more fun adventures:

Then we went to Suzzalo Library to look around. We came across the World’s Biggest Book!


It’s pretty big, but it’s not that big. I bet someone could do bigger…

At any rate it’s the biggest now, & that means we had a great backdrop for another big thing: NASA’s #GlobalSelfie.

ImageOur entry:

(Hope you appreciate your part in the #GlobalSelfie, Bikery!)

Then we hit the B-G Trail. I saw sharply dressed on a Brompton guy again. He works close by (I just saw him yesterday!)

So I started keeping track of B-G Style: 

  • Rubber boots ‘n shorts biker
  • Day-glo colors guy
  • Music stand strapped to bike lady (one of those big Manhattan ones!) – I will say, she was very careful about it!
Actually, I need to get pictures of these people. It was really great, though.
Except that I hadn’t brought my bike!
So Jack scootered, & I ran to catch up… for 5 miles! I need to get this kid comfortable on his bike – we’ll be unstoppable!
But not quite yet. We stopped by the little Rascal! A tiny tug along the B-G we’ve visited for years, Rascal has sadly been covered now for many long months. It’s boatin’ season and we just know Rascal is itchin’ to go for a dip!
I wanna ride this duck:
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